Hypnosis Downloads.com Website Review & Ratings + Hypnosis Downloads.com Coupons
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Hypnosis Downloads.com Website Review & Ratings + Hypnosis Downloads.com Coupons

Hypnosis Downloads.com: Products & Services

Hypnosis Downloads is a company that offers the download of various songs for hypnotic purposes. They have a wide range selection of hypnosis songs for various things. Some of the categories they have for song downloads are increasing self confidence, weight loss, quit smoking and social anxiety, among other selections.

Hypnosis Downloads.com: Company Background

Hypnosis downloads seems to have been in business since 2003. They have been founded by a company named Uncommon Knowledge, which is a specialist in psychology training and has been in business since 1995. All hypnosis downloads have been created especially for the website by Roger Elliot, Mark Tyrell, Joe Kao and Kathleen Fedouloff.

Hypnosis Downloads.com: Customer Feedback & Reviews

Various websites contain reviews for Hypnosis Downloads and everything looks to be from at least average to above average. However, according to a certain client on one website review, she states that the diversity and number of tracks which could be listened to is particularly encouraging. Another client says that he has been ‘pleased’ with what he got.

Hypnosis Downloads.com: Business Credibility & Trustworthiness

Hypnosis Downloads is neither recognized nor accredited by the Better Business Bureau. There is no rating available on the site for it. They have also not been covered in any major media outlets. No accreditations, associations or certifications have been awarded to this company that is listed on their website or even after a search.

Hypnosis Downloads.com: Website Popularity & Google Ranking

Alexa does not recognize the website at all and it did not pop up even after a search for its ratings on Alexa. There have been five listed websites which may be related to Hypnosis Downloads including a website with the same domain name but with the extension .au. Google Page Rank gives the website a rating of 5 over 10.

Hypnosis Downloads.com: Social Media Presence

Hypnosis Downloads has a Facebook page which has 12,893 likes. They also have a Google+ page which shows a +60 rating. Still, they have a Twitter account whose username is unktweets. The account has 306 followers and 162 tweets, the most recent of which was posted on December 16. All these connections to social networking sites may be viewed directly from their website’s homepage.

Hypnosis Downloads.com: Website Security & Safety

Google’s Safe Browsing Diagnostic Page lists the site as safe, stating that there have been no found malicious content in the last 90 days. Furthermore, the website was not listed as suspicious or an intermediary for infections. The website itself however, does not offer any additional security accreditations or certificates for the perusal of its clients.

Hypnosis Downloads.com: Pricing & Packages

Their product prices start at the $5 vicinity and goes up until the $25 mark. The price range depends on the size and kind of downloads the client wants to have. Their CDs and DVDs concerning hypnosis, lectures, songs or otherwise also fall under the same price range. Courses are also offered also inside of this range of price. 

Hypnosis Downloads.com: Shipping Rates & Policies

For downloads from the website, immediate delivery thru electronic mail can be expected right after payment. For CDs and DVDs, shipment is free. It will be received within 3-4 working days if you are in the United Kingdom, around 14 days if in the United States and the rest of the world in around 28 days.

Hypnosis Downloads.com: Payment Methods Accepted

The company accepts Visa, MasterCard and American Express for payment. It does not accept Discovery card or gift cards or cheques. It also does not accept any form of alternative payment like PayPal. No other form of payment is accepted whether alternative or otherwise. There is no other form of payment listed in the FAQ of the company.

Hypnosis Downloads.com: Returns, Refunds & Exchange Policy

Refunds are guaranteed by the company in case of any customer dissatisfaction. However, the company has to be informed within 90 days for refunds to be considered. The request for refund would be dealt with within the first 24 hours of complaint. 10 days should be given before the refund reflects in the credit card statement.

Hypnosis Downloads.com: Product images & screenshots
Hypnosis Downloads.com Coupons
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